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Tuff Hunters 3rd Annual 30/30/30 Raffle

Support Us/How to Help

The United Foundation of Future Hunters, TUFF Hunters, is a non-profit organization and is tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions / Donations to TUFF Hunters are tax deductible. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your tax deductible gift.

How To Help / Support Us

Donate use of land

Every year as TUFF Hunters increases it’s membership base we are looking for more area to help develop habitat and wildlife management area. We are looking for nice areas of land, head lands or fence rows, river beds or edges and tree lines we can help grow the right habitat and control the wildlife as best we can. We have several projects in the works and would like to come assess the potential land we would be able to utilize. We are insured, bonded and will release all liability while on and maintaining the land usage. Your donation of a land usage lease to TUFF Hunters is also tax deductible. Please contact us for more information.

Support our Local Partners

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Attend an event / local banquet

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Sponsor a banded bird

The United Foundation of Future Hunters Banded Bird Mission is off to a great success and your support to sponsor a banded bird will help the cost of raising our birds and ensure their health and strength before releasing them into the wild. By sponsoring a banded bird you will receive a certificate of appreciation at the time of sponsorship and one also if the banded bird was encountered with location of release, encounter and dates.

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